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Make every space of your home beautiful with Srimandir’s upvc products
SriMandir Windoors & Equipment is the one-stop destination for all your upvc needs in Bhubaneswar. Being a reputed upvc manufacturer, we have been delivering the highest standard upvc doors and upvc windows in Bhubaneswar at affordable prices.

Upvc Doors & Windows Benefits

Not only in Bhubaneswar, but upvc windows & doors have a high demand in the building industry worldwide. More & more house owners are looking for energy-efficient and sustainable alternatives to aluminium or timber products, and hence the usage of upvc doors & upvc windows in Bhubaneswar is greatly picking up the market demand.

Customisable as per needs: Being a reputed upvc windows manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, we can tailor upvc doors & windows to your desired specifications. Simply tell us about your desired color, shape, style and any special imitation effects such as wood grain, and our manufacturing experts will design your upvc products with utmost perfection. At Srimandir Windoors, customisation is not a problem at all.

Very Very Low-Maintenance: Our upvc windows and doors come with double gazed pane of glasses and sturdy frames. Unlike traditional timber or aluminium materials, our upvc products do not require re-painting, varnishing, not even annual sanding. You can easily clean the dirt or grim on the surface with soapy water and wet cloth. This greatly helps the house-owners in saving unwanted maintenance expenses in the long run.
Multi-Weather Resistant: It doesn’t matter whether your house is built infront of beach, inside the rainforests or at places with moderate climate conditions. Our upvc windows and doors can easily sustain every weather without any wear or tear.

The reason is upvc materials do not react with water or air, which restricts the phenomenon of rotting and corrosion. Also, our upvc coating reflects the UV rays, preventing the material from fading in prolonged sun exposure.

Why Srimandir Windoor

If you want to explore a wide variety of upvc doors and upvc windows in Bhubaneswar, SriMandir is your go-to service provider. From casement upvc windows to sliding windows and Top-Hung windows, we have everything in our store.

For us, customer satisfaction is everything. Our team keenly understands your upvc requirements and accordingly guarantees on delivery of superior quality upvc windows in Bhubaneswar within the speculated time frame.

Upvc Windows Price in Bhubaneswar

Being a reputed upvc manufacturer, our goal is to deliver every customer with superior-quality upvc windows in Bhubaneswar at the best price. Depending on your specifications, size and nature of the job, the pricings of our upvc doors and windows will continue to vary.

If you would like to know about the exact cost of upvc windows & doors (manufacturing and installation), then please call us at +91 9986534999 for a free estimate. Specify everything that you would want in your upvc stylings and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Features and Benefits

Sound Insulation :

Be assured not to get disturbed by the outside noise

Block Rainwater :

100% Waterproof and prevent the seepage of water

Energy Efficient Solution :

Guaranteed Retain of
heat in your home

Improve Home Security :

A high security multi point locking system

Prevent Dust Buildup :

A dust repellent and maintenance free products

Negligible Maintaince :

A low maintenance product for clean and healthy life


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